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Head Coach Rusty Garcia

Assistant Coach Daniel Connerly

Cash Combs

Logan Freed

Rafe Connell

Mason Eng

Sawyer Bring

Cade Connerly

Steele Kaufman

Iain Garcia

Colt Riley


Head Coach Trent Hamilton

Assistant Coach Cody Lawlis

Treyson Hamilton

Anderson Bartlett

Sutton Lawlis

Shepherd Ivey

Larimer Rowlette

Solomon Hawkins

Emmett Hawkins

Coy Cothren

Liam Freed

Jeric Voelkel

Evan Roberston


Head Coach John Paul Davis

Assistant Coach Jim Taylor

Blaze Davis

Rook Austin

Gianni Sorrentino

Gray Taylor

Owen Cole

Ryker Hipps

LC Hipps

Bruin Middleton

Woody Higgs

Cade Akin

Weston Walker



Quick Bullet Points Info:

-7u, 8u, 9u, 10u, 11u, & 12u teams

-3 to 9 Tournaments based on age group for Spring, 2-3 tournaments in the Fall.

-Cost ranges from $250-$550 per player based on age in the Spring.

-Indoor and Outdoor Practice Options

-Player uniforms and equipment included

-Instructions from former/current Professional and College  players/coaches


Russellville Youth Baseball Association is PROUD to announce for 2023 the creation of a Travel Ball Program ran by the league.  Program will be developed using youth from ages 7-12 that will compete in scheduled tournaments in the River Valley along with RYBA Spring Season.  During seasons, games are normally played on Tuesday and Thursday Nights, while Travel Tournaments will range from Friday to Sunday. In 2023 Spring, we had (4) 2D Sports Tournaments at Hickey Park. Our youth participated in USSSA tournaments in Conway during the season as well. Parents signing their children up for the tryouts, are committing to volunteering to help coaches for the Travel team along with agreeing to participate in 2024 Spring Season at RYBA. 


What is the cost if my child is picked?

If your child is picked, cost will range from $250-$550 depending on age group. Payment will cover cost for Spring Travel program and RYBA Spring Season.  Funds will cover uniforms for both League and Travel.  This can be broken up into payments if needed. Example: Five payments of $40 dollars for 7 year olds from February to June 2023. You will need to contact a member of RYBA to set the payment plan up. 


Why is the League creating a Travel Program?

Each year RYBA loses good coaches, players, and families to travel baseball. We can offer a professional program for fractions of the cost that we believe will keep them in RYBA. Travel ball naturally weeds out families by charging $800 -$1,800 per season. We believe RYBA’s travel program can provide a competitive environment while still keeping all kids on the field to see who continues to develop. In our time benchmarking successful City League Programs, Bryant AR (BlackSox) program stuck on. A town similar in population to Russellville has produced countless Arkansas Razorbacks, UCA Bears, and Arkansas Tech Wonderboys on its rosters every season for the past 10 years.  Utilizing advanced players to develop our City League players allows for competion and well rounded future High School teams for the River Valley. RYBA League coaches will have more time to work with players in smaller groups to increase reps. 


How many tournaments are we playing?

Depends on age group and season. The younger ages may only play 3 Spring tournaments with older ages playing up to 9. For Fall, we will compete in fewer tournaments to ensure the youth stay fresh and are not burned out. Check USSSA | Age Calculator to determine age group your child would fall under.


What are the total games and practices for the season?

As an example, a 10yr old will have 8-10 league games then up to 8 travel weekends for 25-30 additional games. Practices will range from 24-30 during the season. We have calculated the cost per practice for the season averages between $3.77 to $4.43. Cost per tournaments ranges based on age from $8.81 to $16.24. 


Do travel players still play RYBA?

Yes! The travel team players will be divided up onto the Spring league teams for 7-10, our 11 & 12s will either compete in AABA or Travel only. This is for few reasons.

  • First to make the league competitive and fun.
  • Second is to give kids from travel team the chance to further develop by playing different positions, get more at-bats and innings then they may have on a Travel Program.
  • Our goal is to strengthen the youth talent in our area along with developing our program. This allows for more rounded High School teams in the future. 


How will selections occur?

Players will tryout at the Gardner Building in Russellville. A third-party person not associated with RYBA baseball will aid in selection to prevent questions of intent or fairness. Times and locations will be sent out to parents prior to selection day.


Why is the cost so low?

RYBA has partnered with directors for 2D Sports to give discounts to RYBA Travel Teams. Donations are currently being raised by the League Executive Committee to aid in the development of Travel Ball. Indoor and Outdoor facilities are utilized that are not available to other programs. We are even able to include the Spring Season fee (approximately $80) in the overall cost which will include 8-10 games with Jersey and Hat.


Who will coach and develop my child?

RYBA is looking to partner with like minded leaders with baseball experience. Additionally, previous Major League Baseball players, players/staff from Arkansas Tech, Russellville High School, and local Baseball Programs have been tabbed to aid in Travel Team practices and games.


What is the practice schedule?

The travel teams will practice as a team throughout the season. If a player can also attend their league practice then they can attend but it isn’t required. RYBA has secured indoor and outdoor areas to allow practices for the Travel Teams. 


Why ages 7-12?

Currently these ages are our strongest in participation and a key development age. We are working to increase numbers in other age groups in hopes we can produce Travel Teams. Volunteers are needed to ensure these additional age groups can be developed.  


How will the league and travel weekends work?

We are scheduling travel weekends into our league schedule to minimize games on Thursday before or Tuesday after a travel weekend. This break allows for practices, pitchers rest, and travel players being able to fully support league team.


What if my child does not make a Travel Team?

You will not be charged for trying out and we encourage your child to participate in our RYBA City League. Our goal is at the end of the season, have parents/coaches pick All-Star teams from our talented group of youth to participate in an end of season tournament.